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a) We/Our/Us: refer to our company Tanzania Appointments Company Limited. Registration number and addresses
b) Enquiry: your enquiry submitted though our website inquiry form or an e mail.
c) Internship / Assignment: refers to an assignment that you have been confirmed to, or applied for in the destination of your choice
d) Intern/applicant/ candidate/client: A person who is going to do an assignment in Tanzania though us
e) When words "writing" or "written” refer to the e mail communication that our company and you have and will continue to have


a) These are the terms and conditions that should justify all key details regarding your internship. It is important to read and understand them before proceeding with any action. You may want to contact us if you do not understand something. We shall be happy to justify.
b) Once your inquiry is submitted, it does not mean that you have been offered a place. The offer confirmation will be informed through a confirmation letter after a maximum of two weeks following your application.
c) Tanzania Appointments will be responsible of relocating you to a new internship post of your interest should there be any threats related to security or illegal acts in the original internship place. Our company is also responsible for the safety of all of interns.
d) Upon confirmation, our company will direct you on the ways to make payments. Payments will have to be done in the located deadline to allow us to finalise the organisational matters and guarantee you a place. Our company representatives can also be called anytime in case of any questions throughout your internship season


a) Accommodation, breakfast and dinner within your accommodation will be offered throughout your internship in Tanzania. You will have a room shared by one other in a safe location in either Kilimanjaro or Dar es Salaam. Living space and bathrooms will be shared by all other residents.
b) Our country coordinators will have to be informed before anyone is invited in the places of your residence. This is due to security reasons. Failure to do so, our company will not be responsible of any damages that will be caused by any strangers. In case of any damages caused to others by an outsider brought in by any of our clients, that person who brought the stranger in will be liable for covering all damages.


a) Each of Tanzania Appointments confirmed applicant is responsible for own comprehensive insurance that will cover travelling, health and accidents while working or off work in Tanzania. Our company will assist you by informing right insurance companies or names of hospitals that accept overseas insurances. Before departure to Tanzania we shall request your insurance scan copy and will take no responsibility if for some reasons you have decided to take a minimum cover.
b) We shall ask you to travel to Tanzania with just a minimal amount of cash at hand. Our accommodations are in a closer reach of ATMs that you can always draw cash when you want. 100US$ should be enough to keep at a time. Despite safety measures we strive to keep for our clients, we do not recommend exposing large sums of money or overly valuable items in public. If you even bring them, make sure they are ensured.
c) Our company will provide all needed support throughout your visa application. Applying, filling forms and paying for visa application are an applicant’s own responsibility. Our company will not be liable for the visa decision since that has to be granted with the Tanzanian Immigration Authorities- which is beyond our control.
d) You must have a passport that will be valid for 6 months after your assignment. Pay attention that the type of visa that you will receive will not allow you to work for salary in Tanzania.


a) Our application is free of charge and can be cancelled any time BEFORE the confirmation is offered. Once the confirmation has been given, a cancellation will lead to a 50% charge of the fees. If the cancellation is given within 30 days of your assignment start, there will be NO refund. In case of clear reasons such as acute sudden illness, accidents or loss of close person, the situation for refund will be examined upon right and clear evidences. This is because by the time you are confirmed, we have already worked on all first preparations which cost a lot of money from your budget line.
b) Tanzania Appointments reserve a right of terminating your application even after confirmation if we come to realise of any criminal history that you may be associated with or any other matter that can impact your future work place.
c) We shall accept to relocate your internship in the future if you notify us at least 45 days prior to the confirmed starting date. This will subject to availability of place. Failure to fulfil the 45 day rule 20% relocation charges will apply. Amendment of your internship during the assignment shall be taken in to consideration with no costs.
d) Tanzania Appointments will not refund anyone who will opt to shorten or decline his/ her internship. All other costs that will be associated to this action will be on the responsibility of the candidate.


a) We shall refund fully if the cancellation is by us and to the applicant whose application process has not been affected by any aspects of insecurity or threat to us or our partner organisation or colleagues.
b) In cases of changing the starting dates, we shall inform the applicants of possible options. In case the change comes after the confirmation, we shall discuss the applicant’s situation and come to a solution. If an applicant will decide to decline the internship, we shall then fully refund an applicant.


a) We shall provide all necessary confirmations as well as confirm the right contracts to the candidates. In case of any confusion our company will work hard to solve them on behalf of the applicants.
b) We shall support in all activities that are promised in our website as well as answering all questions our applicants may have before, during and after their assignments.
c) We shall be responsible for our accommodation and services in Tanzania as well as assuring quality of the assignments our applicants
d) May the schools, universities or organisation need any support from us; we shall be at their service to ensure that whatever we do to their students or associates is certified.
Support in terms of uncontrollable situations
a) We shall do our best to keep all of our applicants abreast with the development in their working places. We will support them to the best whenever is any uncontrollable situation such as geographical hazards like floods or political riots, demonstrations or in terms of epidemic and pandemic diseases to mention a fee. We recommend each of our clients to have a flexible return air ticket before finalising the payment. Our company will not be responsible in case of failure as some of these situations can be beyond our control.
In case of any problems on services
a) Your feedback to us is crucial for improving and developing services. Every week of your stay in Tanzania you will meet our representatives who are good managers and have a long experience in the field. You can freely discuss with them and ensure that the change is happening.
b) Due to cultural differences, your comments to anything we do will be critical to how we serve you and your colleagues at your best. We are aware of the cultures that we are serving and some of our crew has long experiences with western cultures.
c) If the problem is with your place of assignment, immediately send an e mail or call your representatives for support. We shall discuss with your work place and get things moving smoothly. If that will not be the case, we shall then switch the place. We however encourage a sense of independence and tolerance since working in a different culture should be one of the competencies that you will gain.
d) If the problem will be for the shuttle, you can immediately ring or send a text message to the organisers. They will promptly respond to you as sometimes traffic might cause a little delay.


a) Damages caused out of your irresponsible behaviours such as alcoholism drugs or related.
b) Problem occurred due to disdaining the directives of your assignment
c) Any overstays or violation of the immigration rule in Tanzania
d) Assuring the character of people that will host you. In this regards accepting an offer comes also at your own risk. We will make everything to the highest quality and possible. But since you will meet many people, we shall not be in a position to assure you that they will all be up to your expectations.


Assignment places and other personnel Information
a) You agree to keep the information of the people that you will work with as well as the organisation procedures confidential. You agree to follow and respect the rules of the organisation that you will be working with abide to cultural norms and ways of working
b) Information of the workplace is a property of the work pace unless otherwise stated and agreed by both parties
Your personal Information
a) Your personal information will be used during the application process and the entire assignment that you will be doing in Tanzania. The information will not be shared with anyone else. In some cases information will need to be sent through e mailing and phones which is not a completely secure way. We shall however abide to the highest confidential manner to avoid any leakage of information.
b) We shall time to time feature our candidates in some experience sharing videos or photos. For this to happen we shall first inquire for your permission before publishing any materials with your identities. Be it a photo or names online.
c) During processing your applications, we have a right to seek further information to any sources that are informed as related to you. This can be important for us to be able to place you and prepare you better for the assignment of your choice. In some cases we shall be obliged to also share your information with immigration departments or hospitals in Tanzania should there be an inquiry from them.


a) Your responsibility is to learn and experience new working ways. Embrace that and follow the rules of your organization, of the accommodation you live in and of the programme
b) Understand culture and respect their attitudes for you to also be respected. Do not participate in any irrelevant activities like drugs, alcoholism or political activities
c) As a representative of Tanzania Appointments, act appropriately to let other people respect you, the organization and country that you represent
d) In case of accidents, complaints, worries contact our office.
e) At work follow what you are directed and share in a good manner. Keep positive and professional all the time.
f) Take a good care of the equipment at work and in your accommodation
g) Be back when you are asked to. Being away alone might impact your security. Always have a trusted local recommended by your coordinator
h) Let your coordinator know your movements and report in case of difficulties to find your way home late