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Short term studies

Tanzania Appointments through it's study in Tanzania programme will welcome a few students who would like to experience a college or university education in Tanzania. Up to six months of studies in the university or college should be expected. As a student, you will be obliged to pay Tuition fees in the university or college that you will be attached based on your study area. Our organization will charge a service fee sum from which the tuition fees and a room in Tanzania appointments accommodation will be included. This service is open for students of Business and Administration and other fields of social sciences. We recommend applicants from other fields to inquire us before application. The applications are open throughout the year and applicants will be informed on the next available intake.


  • Certification of enrollment at home country college or university
  • An outstanding transcript of records
  • A complete online application form with all details filled in
  • (NOTE! In addition to the above a student may be asked to fill in the host university own application)