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Discover Tanzania - Short programmes

Discover Tanzania programme is a Tanzania Appointments own initiative that produces two types of short programmes Namely International Education Sprints and Edu- Cultural Excursions

International Education Sprints

Tanzania Appointments welcomes participants to spend a week or two in Tanzania while studying a specific topic of focus and acknowledge the local culture. Most of the topics of our sprints are multidisciplinary and welcome students of various areas of specialization to participate.

Excellent professionals from working life as well as academics from the universities in the country guide our International Education Sprints modules. Participating in the sprints provides a great opportunity in not only developing own career possibilities, but also acknowledging the impact of diversity in different operative environments.

Within our programme, we expect to attract a diverse pool of students and offer then a wide opportunity of discussing, developing, discovering as well as sharing diverse knowledge in various bases in not only the peer group but also the case clients. The main idea is knowledge sharing and cultural learning through a designed content that will introduce Tanzania in one or many ways.

The sprints will incorporate excursions to different cultural areas, such as the Bagamoyo historic site or Masai community in Arusha. City tours as well as social activities will as well be a part of the programme. Participants of all of our sprints can join additional touristic activities through going to Safari in one of the national parks in Arusha or visiting the island of Zanzibar. Each programme will present the possibilities that are feasible for that time.

Each year, as part of Discover Tanzania programme we shall run a sprint in:
Entrepreneurship or related business element with the focus in Tanzania. This will take place at the end of July to the beginning of August each year; and starting from Dar es salaam and finishing the programme in Kilimanjaro.
In addition, in the end of January Discover Tanzania programme will produce a sprint focusing in social welfare and especially matters relating substance abuse in Tanzania.
In order to see the open programmes and enrollments please visit the JOIN US section in this website.

Group Excursions

Since Tanzania Appointments wishes to support professional development and learning also through cultural exploration, the aim of educational excursions is to allow young and adult students and professionals to participate in different educational activities in Tanzania. This can be through visiting schools and places or interests or through cultural exploration project. This programme welcomes a group of from three or more individuals. A group leader who is a teacher, parent, matron or Patron will be required if the group is with under 18years old boys or girls. For over 18 years, our own crew will be able to supervise the group with a highest safety manner. Depending to a type of disability, we will be happy to learn it before we approve an individual to join the excursion.

Informed consents from parents or guardians
For anyone under the age of 18, a written consent from parents or guardians will be required form the group leader. Tanzania Appointments will be happy to organise if parents will wish accompany their children. This is important for our company to be able to know that we are taking responsibility of the children whose parents are aware and have accepted to let them go with a particular group leader.

The consent will have to highlight that:

  • students are taken away for a given period of time for the purpose of learning
  • the group leader is approved by parents from previous knowledge of working with their children
  • Tanzania Appointments programme is approved to be suitable for the children learning and cultural development
  • the children have sufficient reason to be away from school and will be sent home from an excursion after an allocated time
  • there might be risks therefore each parent has to have travel and health insurance for their child or a group cover
  • hospitals mentioned in the insurance cover of the group have been certified by Tanzania Appointments as legit and suitable for good health services
  • Child’s medical conditions or allergies have been discussed and approved by Tanzania Appointments.

  • Tanzania Appointments will be happy to deliver a consent form to a group leader for parents’ signatures. If children are coming from the same institution or school, we shall accept consent of the school to be signed by a parent. Tanzania Appointments consent in this case will be signed only with the head of the school where children will be coming from.