Research and Development

research and development

With Research and Development (R&D) activities in our organisation we refer to scientific research assignments, case studies observations or action research with a development scope. Research and Development activities can be flexibly organised. We however will not be able to support activities that are politically focused. Our organisation welcomes all types of professionals from around the world. We do expect all research or development activities to in a way contribute also to the development activities in areas that researchers will be attached as well as the researcher’s own intent.

Research and Development activities will be organised case by case and related to specific needs or the researchers. In this manner we shall expect all researchers or students coming for research activities to inform us in advance. This will allow us to evaluate the case and get back to the researcher upon possibilities. We shall need two weeks to evaluate your inquiry (R&D case) and assess of the possibilities to find suitable stakeholder organisation (s) or respondents.

Tanzania Appointments will provide all services to the arriving candidates. We shall however not provide catering support for researcher arriving with families unless it is agreed upon application. For single researchers who will spend less than 3 months can inform us in case they will need catering assistance. Support will be offered in upon arrival orientation as well as anytime when it is needed. In case a researcher will need to arrive with a family, we shall need to have the information ahead of time.

Our organisation will also ensure that during the assignments, all incoming researchers have a chance to explore culture and visit different places in the country. The duration of the research is recommended to be of a minimum of 2 weeks. For researchers who will spend more than six months, our organisation will be able to organise integration plan for them and their families as well.

In order for us to be able to process the online application for your research needs, we shall request the following documents by e mail:

  • Confirmation of enrollment at home country organization or university
  • Brief description on the purpose, duration, requirements and the nature of intended assignment in Tanzania (A4)
  • A confirmation from your manager or supervisor that this work can take place in Tanzania including a brief plan of supervision
  • A preliminary plan for your implementation phases. This will assist us to identify right actors or organizations (A4)