Kilimanjaro (Moshi) is calling for social work and Teachers (Applications can be done at any time of the year)

Our base in Kilimanjaro is the famous one for tourists due to the existence of the Mount Kilimanjaro. Our Incoming interns are now welcome to join us and the schools in the area where they will be able to experience African education systems and contribute in the cognitive development of the children they are following.

Apart from time to time English Lessons, Tanzania Appointments is mostly eager to encourage interested applicants to participate in developing children extra curricula activities and talents. This will serve to reduce idol children as well as letting the children realize their own potentials. Things like teaching music, singing and self-management are in the core.

All assignments will be pre described and you will have your programme before you arrive to Tanzania. What a best way of waking up in the morning knowing that you will support someone’s life? Needless to say more, you will be accommodated in the house with other interns who will be there at a time. You have an access of viewing the mountain from a gigantic balcony of the Kilema paradise lodge where you will stay. Hiking, excursions to the footprints of Kilimanjaro will be at your disposal during your free time.