2019 Sports and Talent trainers Internships/ assignments opportunities (Dar es salaam and Kilimanjaro)

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Positions: Talent Development Assignments (15 places) - MUSIC, ACTING, DANCING or OTHER
Duration and salaries: Minimum 1 month. Unpaid internship / assignment
Qualified candidates: University or college students OR any specialists in any talent
Type of organisation: Rehabilitation centres and Schools in Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro Tanzania
When to start: Any time of the year. Applications should be sent 2 months prior to the start.
Application URL: http://tanzaniaappointments.net/applying/application-form
For further inquiries: Info@tanzaniaappointments.net / skype: Tanzania Appointments

Tanzania Appointments is working with low a few low income schools. These are from Kindergarten to secondary schools. The company also works with the rehabilitation centers to try and support the cure through facilitation of work placements.

In your assignment, you will select either:
1. in a school or rehabilitation center in Dar es salaam or
2. In a school in Kilimanjaro village.
In any of the place that you will wish to select to work with, you will design a programme that will be aimed at introducing and supporting the development of the talents of the clients in the place you will be working with. Among the expected talents are music (mostly singing or instrument playing), dancing, theatre acting or physical training and coaching (mainly in the substance abuse rehabilitation centers). Other ideas that fit the client groups mentioned will be appreciated. The idea will be, the programs yu will introduce will remain in the place of work. For the rehabilitation centers, we would like to develop those talents and potentially open up small businesses for the clients after they become sober and hence stop the drug and alcoholic problem recurrence. This is because when they are idle they will do it again.

Tanzania Appointments will be responsible for the entire process of your assignment preparations in Tanzania. We shall coordinate your application; deliver you all necessary documentations for visas applications as well as offer accommodation and ground support for successful implementation of your internship. Kindly check our information on programme fees and what includes in this link: http://tanzaniaappointments.net/content/pricing
A programme fee will be charged per month for your internship. The fee will cover your accommodation in a shared room with one other colleague, breakfast and dinner, transport to work (if your work place is over 45 minutes away), support and operation costs, application processing and hotel supervision fees. You are responsible of your Air ticket, medical insurances, visa application costs and finances in case you will need to do any touristic travels or activities outside the internship programme in Tanzania.

Contributing to the good course will be the main advantage that you will gain from this assignment. Whether you are an expert or a practice student, assisting in the development of the children talent or adults’ drug addicts (and support the cure) will be ideal. You will also develop means to make your work successful with a limited or no resources at all. Tanzania Appointments will correspond with you, make a plan and have a complete programme for your assignment before the start of it.