The 2019 International Entrepreneurship Sprint: Dar es salaam and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 29th July to 9th August 2019 - Entrepreneurship for Social Development – Exploring the Hidden Potential

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Welcome to the entrepreneurship sprint organised as part of the Tanzania Appointments LTD, Discover Tanzania Programmes. We are excited to welcome you to the heaven of peace, Dar es salaam and the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania. This Entrepreneurship sprint is the first event of its kind in Tanzania Appointments history where the local and international student community is invited to study, discuss, visit and create the real entrepreneurial and business development solutions. The sprint will encompass practical elements of the daily questions that young entrepreneurs in Tanzania face. While considering the country economy, political structure and its potential for business growth, students will map out feasible business solutions / plans, which could assist their case entrepreneur in his/ her growth. The case entrepreneur will be a vocational school, which has a variety of products at hand but struggles to sell. It is also situated in a village in Kilimanjaro, where there are not well-planned shops to supply / sell the products made in the village. Hence, this sprint will be appealing to students and individuals who are interested in venture formation, retail business planning, customer screening, marketing and market analysis as well as strategic financial planning. Students from the construction engineering, Architectural Design as well as Social work can also benefit with this programme.

Among others, The sprint will be a rewarding experience for Bachelor and Master students who are keen on Entrepreneurship, African Business Environment, Small Ventures Development and Business Creation across cultures.

The first part of this sprint will encompass theoretical sessions, group works and short field visits around Dar es salaam region. This week will mostly need to familiarise the participants with the Tanzanian economic situation as well as entrepreneurial aspects in the country. The second week will be the week of brainstorming and developing and prototyping the business concepts with the Vocational School in Kilimanjaro. All groups will present their developments and guide specialists and peers will comment on them. Coaches from Tanzanian and possibly international Universities will work with groups throughout the two weeks of the event.

After the two week Sprint, the participant will be equipped with the knowledge of Tanzanian entrepreneurial aspirations, opportunities and challenges as well as Social political elements that affect entrepreneurs in the country. The tangible outcome will be putting the theoretical knowledge in practice as well as contributing to the development of the hard working individuals with feasible initial thoughts of business development to success. And finally, the result of this programme will support the community development and the development of the vocational school in question, not by giving money, but by providing collaborative ideas and enforcing the implementation of them. Hence, a win win.


*********Registration fee:
International Students: 800USD (local VAT inclusive)
Tanzanian Students: 650,000Tshs

The fee includes: Practical and organizational support, airport pick up, accommodation in a hostel or shared apartment/ affordable hotel, welcome and closing receptions, working tools, round transport to Kilimanjaro, cultural excursions, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner and refreshments.
For the Tanzanian students the accommodation and full meal plan can be guaranteed in one of the destination. Otherwise daily lunch will be offered throughout the seminars

NOT included (Safari tours which will be highlighted as optional in the application)

Any study credits: 3.5 Tanzanian Credits ( 3.5 US credits, 3.5 Australian Credits, 6 ECTS) (about 130 hours of work). Please note, we are not an educational institution but we have experience in education and can offer credits based on the required standards and hours of work.

Social activities
Participants of the sprint will experience various activities outside the programme, which will introduce them to Tanzanian culture, history, urban development and ways of life. In terms of recreation, Dar es salaam has wonderful beaches to enjoy as well as good climate for outdoor picnics social life. Kilimanjaro is a great place to hike and see the nature unfold. Participants will be able to explore Tanzania. Safari and other excursions can be organised after the two weeks of the sprint with an additional cost as stated in the registration form.


Friday 26th to Sunday 28th July 2019
Arriving of the participants at Dar es salaam International Airport (Airport pick-ups and lodging)

Monday 29th July (First day in Dar es salaam for all participants)

Opening Reception and introductions to the participants and guiding staff (Speeches, lunch and refreshments) (Guided process and introductions)
Division of student working groups and assigning instructors:
Introductions: State of Entrepreneurship in Tanzania - general

Tuesday 30th July (Language brush)
Basic Swahili -greetings
(Meeting 1)
Entrepreneurship in Tanzania
Types and characteristics of Entrepreneurs in Tanzania -Discussions


(Meeting 2)
State of Entrepreneurship in Tanzania, Challenges and opportunities Discussions

Wednesday 31st July (Language brush)
Basic Swahili –Introduction to self and others

(Meeting 3)
Important elements for success as an entrepreneur in Tanzania
(Meeting 4)
Important elements for success as an entrepreneur in Tanzania

Thursday 01st August (Language brush)
Basic Swahili general useful phrases

(Meeting 5)
How to succeed as an entrepreneur in Tanzania
(Meeting 6)
Evaluating entrepreneurial solutions highlighting key elements to success (Guided group work brief)

Friday 02nd August
Site visit: Entrepreneur (small venture) assigned per group. For familiarization of the Tanzanian Small Entrepreneurs Outlook (areas around Mbesi Beach, Mwenge, and Ubungo would be ideal)
(Meeting 7)
Reflection of the visit
Introduction to the next week case Kilimanjaro (Kilema Village),
(Establishing a hardware/ Apparel store: Planning and prototyping as well as financial forecasting)

Saturday 3rd August and Sunday 4th August:
Visit to bagamoyo Historical site (Saturday) and Bus travel to Kilimanjaro region (9 hours on Sunday)

Monday 05th August (First day in Kilimanjaro/ Moshi)
(Meeting 8)
1. Introductions and visit of the vocation school. Observing the products made
2. A brief visit to the village to see the geography, infrastructures and available resources
Group divisions based on interests: (Assigning group leaders). (Financial planning, Marketing plan, Products Analysis, location analysis, Business control. Etc.)

Tuesday 06th August
(Meeting 9) Group works based on the area of specialisation assigned (on campus or off-campus, interviews and photographs)
Check point 1: elements found and plans to be executed in day 3

Wednesday 07th August
(Meeting 10) Group works based on the area of specialisation assigned (on vocational school campus or off campus)

Check point 2: Potential business ideas, start up, requirements, financial projections, location, demography and marketing plans

Thursday 08th August
(Meeting 11) Cross team discussions and final presentation of the prototypes of the business concept. Considering the key elements of entrepreneurship and its challenges in Tanzania LUNCH Hour
Presentation of practical business concept (student groups) Entrepreneurs invited

Friday 09th August
(Meeting 12) Wrap up, closing reception and certifications to the participants and guiding lecturers (Lunch, entertainment and refreshments – case entrepreneurs invited)

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th :
Bus trip to Dar es salaam OR Safari tours, Zanzibar and Mount Kilimanjaro (for the registered ones)