2016 opportunities for Social Work and teaching interns in Dar es salaam and Kilimanjaro

Photo: The outskirts of Kilimanjaro Region

Weare happy to anounce the possiilities for SocialWork and teaching interns fo rthe begining of the year 2016.
Qualified candidates: University or college students or graduates in respective fields. Also practitioners who have interests with the work in African environment.
Location and standard: Kilimanjaro low income primary Schools (4 schools) and Dar es salaam Low and medium income Nursery schools (early childhood)


As an intern, you will be attached to the teaching team where you will take roles in teaching students, organize small discussion groups, team building activities, sports activities, teaching assistance when needed, confidence building activities, personal management and development sessions.
It will also be appreciated if you could design a social programme for the students as well as conducting discussion with teachers to see how different challenges can be avoided. That will support the development of schools’ services to children. You will be attached to a colleague who will be your mentor during work. With this mentor you will learn the working styles and ask all questions you might have at work.


Tanzania Appointments will be responsible for the entire process of your assignment preparations in Tanzania. We shall coordinate your application, deliver you all necessary documentations for visas applications as well as arrange accommodation and ground logistics for your soft landing. Kindly check our information on fees in the pricing section of this website.
Your programme fee will cover your accommodation in a shared room with one other colleague, an endless supply of clean bottled water, breakfast and dinner, transport whenever needed, support and operation costs, application processing and fees to the host school. Please pay attention that we shall not cover your Air ticket, medical and liability insurances, visa application costs and finances in case you will need to do any touristic activities or activities outside the programme in Tanzania.

To apply yo ucan fill in the application form from this website and then wait for the confirmation that will come to you withink 12 hours. Your placement confirmation will be done in 2 weeks whereby all supporting dcuments will also be sent to you.

> Among many advantages compared to working at home, this internship programme will give you a chance to gain experience on the work in Tanzania, culture at work, knowledge of social work with underprivileged children as well as impact of culture in the child development. You will understand the community work in Tanzania in relations to education as well as knowledge of how to react when there are not so many options.