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We cordially invite your company to join the Tanzania Appointments partnership pool for internships/ practice placements for students and graduates from Tanzania and around the world. As an employer of Tanzania Appointments’ interns, you will support and promote career development and growth of professionalism of many Tanzanian and non-Tanzanian students and graduates.

We believe, your commitment to our company’s programs will result to an optimum benefit, also to your company. This is through a new knowledge that these students and graduates will bring to your company. We’re confident you will discover the talent level that best suits your goals from an apprentice capacity.

From where will the applicants come from?

Our applicants are from Tanzania and other parts of the world. Since our company is working with those who need internships to strengthen their university studies capabilities or as a requirement after their graduation, we receive applicants from Tanzania or abroad. Each company will be able to highlight what kind of interns they will be able to work with and Tanzania Appointments will take that into an account.

Can my company posts internship opportunities in Tanzania Appointments website?

After we have received your profile, whenever you have openings, you will contact Tanzania Appointments representatives so that your internship post will appear on the website. Tanzania Appointments will then work in recruitment and communicate with your company whenever the applicants have been found. It is important to have at least 2 months for the applicant to be found, interviewed and recruited.

How will we recruit the applicants?

Employers are expected to conduct all recruiting related activities together with Tanzania Appointments company representatives. Tanzania Appointments will be happy to short list the applicants and then send the CV of the most qualified interns to your organization. You may be assisted in conducting interviews, however, you can also meet the candidates yourself and after the interviews, you will able to select the best one.

What will be expected from my company?

Key elements that are expected from the company in order to hire our interns are:

  • A good working and educative atmosphere
  • Supervision of the work that the intern will be doing
  • A clear task list so that an applicant is aware of what to expect
  • Meaningful tasks (Tanzania Appointments will follow up all their interns)
  • A legally registered company in Tanzania
  • How do I know that I am a suitable partner?

    Any company can be our partner. Tanzania Appointments would appreciate if the company that hires our applicants embrace majority of the criteria below.

  • A registered company (SME or Large Company) with a clear identity.
  • Honest and approachable leadership.
  • Open to diversity and supports the culture of collaboration
  • Separates politics from work
  • Promotes employees creativity
  • A good working atmosphere

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