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Please fill in the application or write to us and we shall be at your service!

We are happy to receive your information through our application link that is found in this website. Please select as appropriate. If there is no link for the service that you are looking for, kindly write us a message through our contact e-mail and we shall respond to you.

We expect that you will give us at least two weeks to inform whether our company can support your inquiry. After that confirmation, we shall start communicating and informing you about the progress and potential plans. We shall always endeavour to be as quick as possible. However, we will consider quality and efficiency more than the pace of organising matters. The application form has to be filled in whether you come as an individual or a group. For Expatriate families, you can fill in one application on behalf of the family.

1. You will not need to fill any other application from to our company after the first one. Your details will be edited based on your first application. In this case, we request you to correctly fill in all asked details in the form.

2. For those who will be arriving in Tanzania, and if needed, we shall start processing accommodations and other arrival details, which should not take more than a month and half. This means, your application should reach us at least 2 months prior to your departure so that you can have time for personal preparations as well. For expatriates arriving in the country, the time will depend on the matters that need to be organised.

3. We shall be glad to offer you a pre-departure support either online or in person depending to the place that you are located. Materials for your information will be delivered to you together with confirmation letters from our company and the host organisation if there is one.

Our application is free of charge and can NOT be cancelled after confirming your requirements. This is due to the heavy organisational work involved, some of which will require pre payments. If for any reasons our client decides to change mind, we shall be obliged to charge 50% of the entire cost of organising the assignment. Payment details will be sent to you upon the confirmation. Through an invoice that you will receive, you can finalise your payments in a given deadline.

In case of any questions you can write directly to us. We shall be happy to assist you to our best and let your plans to be positively fulfilled.

We are happy to be a part of your experience. Please fill in the form below.

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