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Tanzania Appointments is an organization that is aimed to support junior professionals in their career development. Our services are tailored for short or long term assignments which are expected to equip junior professionals with additional knowledge in their fields as well as competencies of working in the developing country environment. We welcome students, researchers and groups of schools or consortiums that would like to visit Tanzania to learn about Tanzania in a focus of their choice.

Tanzania Appointments has three lines of operations: Internships, study abroad, and Educational excursions for groups.

Our main office is in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. We do have also a representation in Europe which is our contact point for all applicants from outside Africa, Middle East and India. Our organisation welcomes and support applicants from all parts of the world. We also offer flying support officers in countries where we shall have more than 8 candidates at a time. We are well equipped with online tools that we use to offer support anytime when needed. Our staff members are well trained and have diverse experiences of from 3 years to 40 years in international arena of business. We do have trained chauffeurs who will meet you at the airport and get you to your designated home where your new environment and assignment will be introduced.

Our organisation is cooperating with a network of certified local establishments who are the main hosts of our clients. We can however organise flexibly the assignment based on the requirements of each client. Our main value is quality in Learning and sharing. For this reason we do ensure that everyone who comes through Tanzania Appointments will be certain with transparency, dignity, knowledge and personal goal fulfilment. Our ethical policy leads us to understand the importance of global learning and sharing alongside with respect to diversity and quality improvement in communities. We look forward to welcome you to Tanzania.